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About Us

  • We aim to provide a platform for women to empower and equip themselves
  • Based in Swindon
  • Welcoming those in the BAME community and beyond
Protecting rights

The price we pay for
being ourselves is worth it.

The Wiltshire Women Empowerment Program is a charitable organisation based in Swindon. We aim to empower all women and female-headed families in the BAME community and beyond.

Through our various services, we aim to promote women’s empowerment and provide a platform for women to begin their journey to empower and equip themselves. In this way we enable women to build their confidence and self-esteem.


Peer-to-Peer Support


Education And Career Support


Domestic Violence Awareness


Mental Health Awareness

Donation Program

Join Us to Help Women Empowerment Program

Everyone can take their part in making the world better.


Our Vision

A world free from discrimination and inequalities.
A world where everyone has access to opportunities regardless of gender, ethnicity, or race


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Our Partners

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